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Company Profile

Ain Al Hayat General Trading is an international company based in Dubai and it was founded in December 2014.

The company is providing highly competitive, faster and professional service. We facilitates a smooth flow of goods from the producer to the customer, giving value to all.
Ain Al Hayat General Trading is specialized in trading activity of Frozen Foods, Dry Goods, Cooking Oil, Car Accessories, Electronics, Home Appliances and Jewelry.

Our group is specialist with profound knowledge of each particular country, conducting extensive market research and with product expertise which provide the customers with quality product, best service and competitive in the most efficient and professional way. We meet business challengesinnovatively and pride in our ears on the ground thus responding proactively to our customers problems in current volatile markets. We monitor daily and analyzes the situation for each indicator of the global chain.

Our Group will be happy to have the opportunity to start working with you, we will provide professional approach to the business and we will work hard to give your satisfaction.

“We are your Permanent Business Partner that you can Trust and your Satisfaction is our Honor and Pleasure”


Our goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing unparalleled service and superior products in affordable price to meet their satisfaction.


To be strong in Local and International Market with sophisticated and innovative tools via excellence in Sales, competitive marketing execution and effective distribution.



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